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Nov. 28th, 2010

Character: Grima Wormtongue
Country/Allegiance: Rohan... Honest.
Species: Man
Brief AU bio: Trusted advisor to Theodred, Grima spends much of his time lusting watching of Eowyn, And some times Theodred to shake things up. He's a smart man and has more idea of what is going on than perhaps he should
Requests for play: I wanna be evil and cruel and horrid.......
Player permissions: I think I'm go for everything........?

Character: Frodo Baggins
Country/Allegiance: The Shire
Species:  Hobbit
Brief AU bio: At the age of 12, Frodo lost his parents in a boating accident. He was taken in by his uncle, Bilbo, and lived with him as his adoptive heir in Bag End. Bilbo taught him many things, including much of the Elvish language, and things he'd learned on his travels. For the most part, Frodo has lived the fairly sheltered life of a hobbit, but after coming of age, he was given his inheritance and decided to do some traveling of his very own. 
Requests for play: I'm pretty much up for anything! His bio isn't set in stone, or I might just play different versions of him, so he can meet other characters on his 'travels' that he would've otherwise met on the quest, which I'm assuming hasn't happened yet but might happen sometime in the future?
Player permissions: Just ask me first, please!


Because Lir cannot stop.

Character: Gandalf the Grey, aka Mithrandir, aka several other aliases.
Country/Allegiance: All lands and all peoples.
Species:Maia (wizard)
Brief AU bio: Gandalf has been around since Arda's creation. He eventually left Valinor to wander the mortal realms, in the guise of a bent old man, offering wisdom and counsel. He rarely stays in one place for long, but is welcome almost everywhere. In this day and age, very few know what his true powers are.
Requests for play: Open for anything!
Player permissions: Just ask.

Nov. 22nd, 2010

Character: Arwen Undómiel
Country/Allegiance: Rivendell/Imladris
Species: Elf
Brief AU bio: The youngest child and only daughter of Elrond, leader of the elven nation, Arwen is a very skilled diplomat, advocating for her race throughout the newly forged alliances between Elves and Men. At three thousand plus years, she's nevertheless one of the youngest elves of Rivendell and has been a strong voice for opening the borders which kept the elves secluded from all other nations. Although a gentle loving soul, very devoted to her father and brothers, she does possess a spine of steel and a stubborn streak a few miles wide. She is comfortable in the political arena, very educated and well-spoken and quite aware of social nuances and capable of holding her own in the most difficult of situations. Nevertheless, she is very young at heart and eager to learn more about the world outside of Imladris, for the good of both her people and those of other cultures and lands.
Requests for play: Up for anything.
Player permissions: See above.


Nov. 21st, 2010

Character: Eowyn
Country/Allegiance: Rohan
Species: Man
Brief AU bio: After being orphaned at the age of three, Eowyn, along with her brother, was adopted into the household of her uncle Theoden, king of Rohan. Being raised by her uncle and her cousin, and taught how to ride a horse from a young age, she exhibited tomboy characteristics her whole life. The constant presence of Rohirrim in her uncle's hall didn't help much, either. As soon as she was able, she joined Rohan's army (against her uncle's objections), and is now an officer in the army, still spending most of her time in her uncle's hall of Meduseld, or chasing her brother around Aragorn's ranch when he's being stubborn.
Requests for play: Something with Faramir.
Player permissions: I don't really like to write out smut scenes. If there's anything specific you want to do, ask and we'll discuss it.


Character: Legolas Greenleaf
Country/Allegiance: Mirkwood
Species: Elf
Brief AU bio: Prince Legolas, The son of Thranduil, and so a prince of the Woodland Realm in the northeast of Mirkwood, Legolas was descended from the Sindar, but counted himself one of the Silvan people. At 2932 years old he still considers himself a child, and views things in a idolized youth way. He considers Aragorn to be one of his closest friends, although he is particularly fond of Eomer. He seems, at least to be free of concern and commitments, and spends his days doing exactly as he pleases.
Requests for play: Already have a bit of a thing going with Eomer, but some sort of added drama would be fun.
Player permissions: I think I'm open to most things...... although I'm really awkward at writing smut so it might be hard for you to read. If that doesn't bother you. It's all go.



Character: Lothiriel
Country/Allegiance: Gondor/Dol Amroth
Species: Man
Brief AU bio: Lothiriel is the youngest child and only daughter of the Hereditary Prince of Dol Amroth, Imrahil. These days, the Hereditary Princes have little real power in the running of the city government and are really just a figurehead, so Imrahil also owns a company that builds boats (whatever you can think of, yachts, speedboats, luxury liners, etc). Lothiriel is 21 and a bit of a socialite, except with three older brothers and an overprotective father, she's lived a sheltered life and has no wild and crazy adventures at clubs or parties.
Requests for play: Open to ideas.
Player permissions: Ask and ye shall know. ;)



Character: Theodred of Rohan
Country/Allegiance: Rohan
Species: Man
Brief AU bio: Theodred is the crown prince of Rohan. More than a decade older than his younger cousins, he helped raise them after his father adopted them. He cares very deeply for both of them, though right now is a bit estranged from Eomer, disappointed in his behavior. Theoden is putting a small amount of pressure on him, trying to convince him to marry and produce an heir.
Requests for play: I'm pretty much up for anything.
Player permissions: Just ask. I'll probably say yes.


Nov. 10th, 2010

Character: Aragorn
Country/Allegiance: Rangers/Dunedain
Species: Dunedain
Brief AU bio: Aragorn spent his childhood in Rivendell after his father was killed when he was still very young.  It was determined it would be too dangerous for him to live with the Rangers as a child, so he stayed in Rivendell under the protection of Lord Elrond and wasn't told his true identity until he became an adult.  He left Rivendell shortly after to find his own way and traveled through many of the lands of Middle-Earth and sometimes outside of it.  Most notably, he served under Thengel of Rohan and Ecthelion of Gondor going by the name of Thorongil for some time before he returned to his own people.  While the Rangers are still nomadic, Aragorn found a place to settle for the time being on the edge of Gondor where he has a ranch with plenty of horses.  Even though the modern world has a strong hold on the lands of Middle-Earth, there are still plenty of needs for horses, and he's able to keep an eye on the kingdoms of Men as just a horse trainer.
Requests for play: I'm open for most things, but I am a little slow for prose posts, and a little better about SWS style posts.  I do try to keep up as much as I can, but sometimes I get behind, and I should be able to catch up in a couple of days.  Feel free to contact me for anything.
Player permissions: I'm not fond of smut, I'd rather do other things, but if it comes up.  I also won't do plotlines with rape, it's just something I'm not okay with, in case that was to ever come up.
Character: Pippin Took
Country/Allegiance: The Shire
Species: Hobbit
Brief AU bio: Pippin's the heir to the Thain of the Shire, which leaves him lots of wherewithal, free time, and opportunity for mischief. He's young, irresponsible, and air-headed at times. Which explains why he's the lead singer/guitarist of a rock band that's been growing in popularity within the Shire and is hoping to hit the international market before too long.
Requests for play: I'm pretty easy-going. I'm sometimes slow with prose RP, so I'm more likely to be around for quick-style SWS posts and the like, but I do like more in-depth playing as well. If there's anything you want The Pipster for, let me know.
Player permissions: Not much bothers me. Just ask.